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Single Malt Whisky, Ex Palo Cortado Sherry Barrel 48% abv Single Cask
  • Single Malt Whisky, Ex Palo Cortado Sherry Barrel 48% abv Single Cask

    SKU: JWPC53

    Single Malt Whisky, Ex Palo Cortado Sherry Barrel 48% abv. This is a Rare Sherry style. 

    This is a limited release of 150 bottles only.


    Nose: The initial impression is one of dried fruits and orchard blossoms, with notes of apricots, sultanas, and a hint of orange zest. The influence of the ex-Palo Cortado sherry barrel is profound, infusing the whisky with complex nutty nuances, such as roasted hazelnuts and a touch of toasted coconut.

    Palate: The first sip is a revelation of balance and finesse. The mouthfeel is silky and opulent, enveloping the palate with a harmonious fusion of flavors. A medley of dark, luscious fruits takes center stage, with plums, black cherries, and ripe figs mingling gracefully. The sherry cask influence is unmistakable, contributing layers of toffee, caramel, and dark chocolate, creating a delightful sweetness.

    Finish: The finish is a lingering, evolving symphony. As the whisky retreats, the oak takes the spotlight, delivering a gentle tannic dryness alongside a wisp of black pepper and cloves. The fruitiness persists, with echoes of red currants and dates, while a delicate, almost floral, honeyed note adds a final touch of elegance. It's a finish that unfolds slowly, leaving you with a sense of contemplation.

    Overall: This single malt marries the robust, nutty character of Palo Cortado sherry with the depth and complexity of a well-aged single malt. The result is a whisky that offers a captivating journey through a spectrum of flavors, from fruity sweetness to nuanced spice, all wrapped in a luxurious, velvety texture. It's a whisky for the connoisseur, deserving of admiration and appreciation on any occasion.

    • Product Information


      53.1% Alc/Vol.

      Paddock to Bottle Single Malt Single Source Whisky *LIMITED* 

      Age: 3 Years

      Cask Type: Palo Cortado Sherry barrel

      Batch No: Release 19 - Single cask release

      Release Date: September 2023

      Region: Southern Highlands, NSW AUSTRALIA

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