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Single Malt Whisky, Ex Moscatel Sherry Barrel 48% abv
  • Single Malt Whisky, Ex Moscatel Sherry Barrel 48% abv

    SKU: JW500MOS

    To celebrate its 10 years anniversary, Joadja distillery is releasing its very first ex-Moscatel whisky!


    Fully aged in Moscatel barrels, a sweet and floral sherry, this single malt whisky was born from only two 250L barrels. Double-distilled in our copper pot still, this is a 4 years old whisky, one of our longest maturation.


    Moscatel is one of the sherry grapes with the richest profile of fruity notes and a phenomenal aromatic personality. Moscatel carries an incredible concentration of raisins aroma but provides an outstanding floral bouquet. This single malt ranges from chestnut to mahogany tone in colour with a very pronounced density, tearing and textural profile. Notes of jasmine, orange blossom, honey and a distinct leathery backbone. The maturation of this single malt increases the complexity and the floral profile without losing the freshness or typical fruity character of the base wine.


    This 10-year anniversary release is made of 220 bottles.

    • Product Information


      48% Alc/Vol.

      Age: 4 Years

      Cask Type: Moscatel Sherry barrel

      Release Date: June 2024

      Region: Southern Highlands, NSW AUSTRALIA

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